Expand Your Client Base via MAM/PAMM on Trading Platform

A social investment network within the Forex CRM 

  • Give your clients the option to profit without trading on their own
  • From one terminal, manage multiple accounts easily
  • Enjoy flexible allocation methods
  • Enables expert traders to profit from managing investors’ funds

PAMM (Percent Allocation Money Management)

  • PAMM is a method of conducting managed account services on behalf of investors (clients) by investment managers (Money managers).
  • Allocation is usually made based on the investor balances or equity

MAM (Multi-Account Management)

  • The main difference between MAM & PAMM is that the allocation of trades between master and investor accounts can be made other way than proportionally.
  • Each investor can select what risk he wants to take and what leverage he wants to have on his account, unlike PAMM.

Entice Money Managers to Join Your Brokerage


  • Attract your clients with flexible allocation systems.
  • Experience seamless management of numerous accounts with real-time reporting via Multi Account Manager on Trading Platform.
  • Fast withdrawals & deposits via various payment gateways, ensuring uninterrupted trading.

Diversify Your Trading Community


  • New traders can reach out to professional money managers & trade comfortably, generating high profits easily.
  • By offering high-end, comfortable services Money Managers can draw a diverse range of clients and earn a commendable reputation.
  • Whether you are an investor or a money manager, you will be benefited either way.

Engage More Clients

  • Exhibit investment opportunities and allure generous investors
  • The offer of flexible performance fees & zero trading limitations draws in more expert Money Managers
  • Engage more top-notch investors & money managers with the diverse range of allocation methods
  • The seamless operations encourage better & more trading on MAM platform, leading to more profits
  • Attract ambitious traders with swift withdrawals & deposit options, inciting undisrupted trading


Key Advantages of A Multi Account Manager Software on Trading Platform

Client Attraction

  • Appeals to generous investors by exhibiting investment opportunities.
  • Attract top-notch money managers by offering them flexible performance fees and zero trading limitations.


  • Set the allocation method, user account settings, as well as lists of current investors and shares.
  • Set flexible performance fees based on profit and balance percentages, fixed fees, commission rates, and more.

Quick Deposit & Withdrawal

  • Quick withdraw or deposit funds in and out of MAM/PAMM accounts without disrupting trading activity.
  • Multiple payment methods for deposit & withdrawal.


  • The support team works around the clock to solve problems and assist brokers with MAM/PAMM maintenance.
  • Our customers are guaranteed efficient setup and customization assistance.
How investors work
  • View the list of money managers.
  • View their account statistics
  • Open an investment account.
  • Make a deposit.
  • Subscribe to a money manager.
How Money Managers work
  • Open a master account
  • Collect trading history for their accounts
  • Manage investor accounts
  • Set a fee, risk limits
Configurable profit allocation method
  • Lot Allocation
  • Percent Allocation
  • Proportional to Balance
  • Proportional to Equity
  • Fixed Lot
Brokers will have the following abilities
  • Approve new MAM/PAMM applications and open accounts via the Trader’s Room interface.
  • Approve investor/manager accounts
  • Manage engagement/disengagement/re-engagement of investor & manager accounts
  • MAM/PAMM accounts can be sorted and reviewed according to rating details
  • The plug-in provides a graphical representation of historical analysis.

Working with You Closely For The Optimum Result

Our main objective at FX Meta Tech is to make sure that each one of our clients has the system they are in need of. FX Meta Tech provides total start-up solutions for a new Broker it offers a number of additional rich features and other services. However, in the case of existing Brokers, we also have services & modules to maintain and improve their operations.