When you are thinking of starting a business in Forex, it is necessary to get an MT4/MT5 license to get access to the market.

There are two types of licenses, Full Label, and White Label license.

This article intends to explain what a White Label license is so that it will aid in getting a clear concept of it and help an individual make an informed decision.

What is White Label

White Label is the best efficient solution that lets individuals set their Forex broker within a short period of time & removes the entry barriers to the market. It is suitable for those who want to start a Forex broker with their own brand name in the industry as it is a contract to retail another broker’s trading platform as if it were their own.

You can acquire a White Label license from any reliable Broker or anyone who has the Full Label and is willing to lease parts of it.

White Labels are different from the Introducing Brokers as they have more command over their clients and interact with them independently.

The white label license has all the necessary factors such as the latest online trading technology, and marketing schemes amongst a variety of functional aspects. This makes White Label, a much more affordable means to set up a business.

Thus, creating a fast track scope for the broker into the online business journey.

With White Label, you get a variety of advantages such as:

  1. Highly cost-effective process.
  2. No server maintenance cost.
  3. Getting a firsthand experience in the business.
  4.  Avoiding the organization and expenditures of a fully-fledged business model which requires a license.
  5. Fast setup of an online broker with the regular setup.
  6. Starting your own self-sufficient brokerage with less hassle.
  7. Being able to run your own business to a large extent, independently.

Benefits of Having A White Label

Owning a full label Metra Trader server license will allow the broker to experience a wide range of features which includes managing & maintaining a steady system for back-up, developing a global network of access servers, hosting servers, and multiple ways to sustain a steady server infrastructure 24/7.

Functions such as independent Payment Service Processors (PSPs), risk control, customer service, etc. are available in White Label. Therefore, one can carry out a business independently, using the White Label.

There is a range of White Label contracts that can be something uncomplicated like marketing a trading platform or as ambitious as closing trading orders with its own brand name.

These options already exist in White Label. Hence, obtaining this is an economical way to access the market.

White Labels mean properly independent businesses with more control over their clients. They are very much different from Introducing Brokers who only act as mediators between the existing broker and their clients/traders.

In a White Label contract, revenue and compensation schemes are very flexible, based on the partnership agreement details.

Beginners are advised to get a White Label license as it is affordable and less complicated.

White Label license is also preferred by clients who want to launch their own Forex business with their own brand name, instead of referring clients to the broker.

Final Thoughts

In essence, one can avoid undergoing the highly ambitious task of opening a brokerage by oneself and still get access to a whole range of technology and support via White Label.

Hence, more and more people are preferring White Label as it has been a fast and uncomplicated way to gain access to the Forex brokerage market.